Congratulations to all the finishers in the 2016 Jog in the Fog 5k! You can view all the race photos at Smugmug ( When viewing a photo, just click the icons to download the photo for free, or click the Buy button to purchase prints.

See the diagram below for where those icons are located when you view a photo and hover on it with your mouse:



2015 Finish Line Photos (

2014 Finish Line Photos (


Congratulations to all the finishers in the 2013 Jog in the Fog 5k! Check out the photos below to get a glimpse of the race and if you crossed the finish line, look for your photo and download it as a souvenir!

We put together an album on Flickr with some best of highlights. View it here or watch the slideshow below:

View the album on Flickr – Photos are in order from the earliest finisher to the last. We didn’t capture absolutely everyone so we apologize if you sped through too quick for our photographer!

If you see a photo you want to download, here’s how (it’s free!):

1) Click the photo to view it in its largest size
2) In the lower right corner, look for the “…” menu. Click on it and select “View All Sizes”
3) On the next page, click on the size you want in the list, then click the “Download the X size of this photo…” link to begin downloading it to your hard drive.

Here’s a screenshot of where the “…” menu is when viewing a photo: